NoHo Shelter

NoHo Shelter

The First Year-Round Bridge Housing Shelter in San Fernando Valley

The beautiful new 15,000-square foot facility in North Hollywood will provide transitional shelter for men and women who are currently living unhoused throughout San Fernando Valley and LA County. Behind the walls of the building, mattress beds equipped with their own nightstands and storage cubbies, bathrooms with curtained-off shower stalls, and three meals a day will await 85 people looking for a new start. We expect to help find permanent housing for over 400 each year through this facility. The site is designed to temporarily house people that are currently living on the streets until such as time as we are able to place them in permanent housing.


Onsite are 25 cubicle bedrooms for women and 60 cubicle bedrooms for men. Additionally, there is a large dining/multi-purpose room, computer learning center, food prep room, food pantry, abundance of bathrooms and showers, case management offices, housing navigation offices, group therapy rooms and a beautiful outdoor patio with space for kennels and a dog run. The offices will house the services aimed at getting those staying at the shelter back onto their feet, by diligently lining residents up with sources of income — whether through finding a job or a form of public assistance — medical and mental health services, substance abuse counseling and recover and with permanent housing placement.

Through careful planning and smart construction, this site is also the least expensive shelter of its kind, per bed, in the entire city. The NoHo shelter represents a public, private and corporate partnership. It would not have been possible without major contributions from the Beachbody Foundation and the Alex and Jean Trebek Family Foundation. (Click here to read the Trebek story)

Working in partnership with LA City Mayor, Eric Garcetti and Councilman Paul Krekorian, the NoHo Shelter is designed to help guests overcome all barriers and obstacles that are keeping them from employment and being housed. The North Hollywood shelter is the 15th shelter to be built out of 30 shelters that are part of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s “Bridge Home” initiative. According to Mayor Garcetti, “The goal of A Bridge Home was very simple – to put A Bridge Home shelter in every one of LA’s 15 council districts and deliver the services they need to save their lives now.”

Homelessness continues to rise in Los Angeles. We desperately need facilities like the NoHo Shelter. Without your partnership, our best efforts would fall short. The NoHo 85-Bridge Housing Shelter represents what is possible when faith, action and compassion meet.


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Through its founders, Ken and Laurie Craft, and its dedicated staff and volunteers, Hope of the Valley has been one of the most successful homeless service providers in the Valley. Hope of the Valley works miracles every day in meeting the immediate needs of unhoused people through compassionate and hope-inspiring crisis intervention, while helping them bridge into long-term services that address chronic obstacles.

–Paul Krekorian, LA City Council Member (2nd. District)

The NoHo 85-Bed Bridge Housing Shelter helps the homeless become folks who we know are human beings and can feel that humanity again.

–Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti

Help us eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessess.