Van Nuys Shelter

Help Sponsor Our Largest Bridge Shelter Yet!

We are now in the middle of an unprecedented 30-day period where we will open not one, but two, large homeless shelters in the Valley! In July we opened the 85-bed NoHo Shelter and in August we will open the 100-bed Van Nuys Shelter. This is truly amazing!

To be honest, the two openings were not intended to be so close to one another, but life does not always go according to plan! One project was slower than expected and the other project was faster than expected and… well…here we are, one month apart!

The Van Nuys, A Bridge Home Shelter, scheduled to open August 10, will be located at 7700 Van Nuys Blvd near the Amtrak Station. The facility is known as a Sprung Structure, a highly durable tent like facility that can withstand winds of 100 miles per hour. An engineering wonder!

Like the NoHo Shelter, onsite will be a full array of homeless services including meals, bedroom cubicles, showers, dog kennels/dog run, mental and physical health services, job training, substance abuse counseling and much more. It will be the perfect one stop location for a person who is houseless and working to rebuild their life!

I Need Your Help

The Van Nuys shelter will mostly be funded through a contract with the City of Los Angeles. (That is the good news). But, the contract is what is known as a “reimbursable” contract which means Hope of the Valley makes monthly operational payments (salaries, food, rent, utilities etc.) then wait for reimbursement which normally takes 60 days. The Mission can float 30 days of payments but we cannot float the full 60 days of payments thus I am reaching out to you for help.

In order to launch this new shelter we need to raise a minimum of $75,000, an equivalent of 1 month of essential services.

The Plan: Sponsor a Room

There are 100 bedrooms onsite and it is my goal to have every room sponsored based on a sponsor’s ability to give. Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts! It is with great humility and a deep sense of indebtedness to you, for your historical generosity, that I ask you once again to join me and invest into changed lives and help rescue people who are now living on our streets. I am asking you to please consider sponsoring a bedroom or two at either the $500 dollar SILVER level or the $1,000 GOLD level. All gifts will receive a chartable receipt. Donations can be made by Credit Card, Check, Cash, Appreciated Stock, Family Foundations/Trusts and Donor Advised Funds.

As a room sponsor your name will proudly be displayed on the centrally focused HOPE WINS Wall located in the main dining room. It would be our highest honor to let our guests, volunteers and donors know that YOU are part of making homeless history!

Finally, I know this year has been crazy but it has also been unprecedented….Two massive homeless shelters in the Valley within a 30-day period! Now, more than ever, I urgently need your support. Please sponsor a room in your name or the name of your business, or sponsor a room in honor of someone you love and respect or in memory of someone you loved!