San Bernardino County

Hope the Mission has partnered with the City of San Bernardino and Victorville to bring homeless services through outreach and the Victorville Wellness Center.
Victorville Wellness Center

Clients of the City of Victorville’s Interim Homeless Shelter will have a new, innovative facility to move into, the first low-barrier, non-congregate emergency shelter to offer interim housing and wraparound support services with a medical and recuperative care clinic on-site!

One of the center’s most unique features will be the inclusion of medical services and recuperative care, an extremely challenging component of wellness for individuals who lack proper shelter and access to ongoing medical care.  Local hospitals will be able to discharge Victorville’s unhoused directly to the Wellness Center medical clinic to receive the recuperative care they need to recover.

The non-congregate design of the modular housing units will offer 110 separate units with a minimum capacity of 170 beds. Units vary in size, including single, double, and family.  The center includes community spaces, a dog kennel, community garden, industrial kitchen, and recreational sports courts.

The City retained the services of two nonprofits to operate the Wellness Center:  Hope the Mission and Symba Center.  Hope the Mission, will serve as the shelter operator of the Wellness Center. Our services will include:

  • client intake coordination
  • hygiene services
  • laundry
  • meals
  • security
  • janitorial services
  • transportation
  • peer engagement.



San Bernardino City Outreach

The Outreach and Engagement team continues to work hard by providing outreach services for unhoused individuals, with a wide array of resources, including access to longer-term shelters, rehabilitation programs, and facilitating family reunification, among others. Ensuring that priority is given to those who are from San Bernardino. The Outreach Team consists of a program manager, two peer specialists, two case managers, two counselors, and a data coordinator.

On June 15th, 2023 the Outreach and Engagement team officially commenced its operations. Their first day in the field proved fruitful as collaborative endeavors led to the placement of 61 individuals in temporary housing.

The City of San Bernardino has a Resource number that provides requests to the SB outreach team:

 (909) 936-3478

The team is providing street outreach to the City of San Bernardino Monday-Friday. The team provides, substance abuse services and resource, case management services, and various homeless services resources.