Monthly Giving

Make the biggest impact by becoming a
Monthly Donor

When you become a monthly donor of Hope you are providing stability for our Mission and furthermore, stable resources for the unhoused to start a new life.

You will be fulfilling your philanthropic goals by helping to provide consistent food, shelter and wrap-around services to those experiencing homelessness. We know that we can count on you, our monthly donor, but most importantly our participants know they can count on you.

Be a pillar of Hope and a beacon of light to more than 78,000 experiencing homelessness in our community.

Let them know you care.

Let them know they matter.

Whether it’s $25/mo or $2,500/mo we understand that it is not about equal gifts. It’s about equal sacrifices.

“The worst poverty isn’t about not having enough money to survive. Real poverty is when there is no one in the world who loves you. When there is no other human to make you feel like you matter”
– Paige Dearth