Reseda: A New Tiny Home Village in LA County

The Reseda Tiny Home Village recently opened its doors in May 2021 and is one of the first three Tiny Home Villages in LA County. Fully designed and funded by the City of Los Angeles, the new Tiny Home Village consists of 52 units, 101 beds, and will immediately provide a pathway for the homeless in the area to break the cycle of living on the streets and find permanent and stable housing. Tiny Homes are an innovative, affordable, and scalable solution to the humanitarian crisis known as homelessness. Unlike traditional shelter or affordable housing projects, tiny homes take a fraction of the time to build and assemble, at just a fraction of the cost.

Each tiny home comes equipped with two beds, storage space, two electrical outlets, heating, air-conditioning, four windows, and a locking front door. Each resident living in the Tiny Home Community has full access to an array of social services including case management, housing navigation, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, as well as job training and placement. Unlike congregant shelters, Tiny Homes allow couples to stay together, as well as keep their pets with them. They are currently intended for interim housing, and within a 4–6-month period, the majority of Tiny Home residents are placed into permanent housing and the unit is to be filled with another deserving client seeking permanent shelter and a better cycle of living.

Tiny Homes

Hope of the Valley, founded in the summer of 2009, now operates 9 Shelters, 2 Access Centers and a Job Center. We currently provide 506 beds per night at our various shelters throughout the San Fernando Valley housing single adults, families and transitional age youth. We currently serve approximately 1,500 meals per day and 547,500 meals annually.

We exist to prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness by offering immediate assistance and long term solutions.

In 2021, Hope of the Valley expanded into the Antelope Valley, launched two Bridge Housing Shelters in the West San Fernando Valley and opened the very first Tiny Home Villages in the City of Los Angeles. The Tiny Home Villages are being built by the City of Los Angeles and Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission has the extreme honor and privilege of opening and operating six Tiny Home Village Sites (Chandler Blvd. (NoHo), Alexandria Park (NoHo), Tarzana Sun Flower Cabin Community, Reseda Cabin Community,  Whitsett West (NoHo) and due to open Late Early Fall of 2021, Arroyo Seco (Highland Park). With many thanks to Councilmen Paul Krekorian, John Lee, Bob Blumenfield, Kevin DeLeon and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Hope of the Valley is opening/operating six innovative, cost effective and life-changing Tiny Home Villages! The Chandler Blvd. Tiny Home Village opened February 2021 and has 39 homes and 85 beds. Alexandria Park opened May 2021 and has 103 homes and 200 beds. Reseda opened in June 2021 and has 52 homes and 101 beds. Tarzana opened in July 2021 with 78 homes and 148 beds.  In the half of 2021 we have already added 534 beds to our existing 506 beds! And… there is much more growth and expansion planned for the rest of the year as we strive to bring inside our unhoused neighbors.

Driving Directions to Reseda Tiny Home Village:

The Reseda Tiny Home Village is located at 6700 Vanalden Ave, Reseda, CA 91335, behind the District office and next to West Valley Regional Branch Library. There is limited parking behind the district office and on the surrounding streets. Please don’t park in the electric charging stations.

The Tiny Homes are really amazing. Each one is 64 sq. ft. in size, has two beds, heat, air-conditioning, windows, a small desk and a front door! Onsite, meals, showers, case management, housing navigation, mental health, job training and placement will be provided. We are doing our very best to MAKE HOMELESS HISTORY!

Make Homeless History!