Welcome Home – Sponsor a Room

Sponsor a Room

Sponsor a Bedroom ($5,000 each)

Between the three locations, we need 180 room sponsors! Each room sponsorship is $5,000 and comes with naming rights. A sponsorship plaque will be placed on the outside of each sponsored room. (Sponsored by, In Honor of or In Memory of) All rooms will be outfitted with beds, desks, refrigerators, microwaves, dressers etc.

Buy a Bunkbed ($500 each)

In total we will need to purchase 362 bunkbeds. We purchase all of bunkbeds from American Bedding. Each one comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is virtually indestructible!

Bedding ($50.00 each)

Help purchase sheets, blankets, pillows, and comforter for one of our 724 beds!