As we progress through the scorching months of summer, countless individuals and families in our community are battling homelessness and facing the unforgiving brutality of extreme heat. They are among the most vulnerable, without access to adequate shelter, clean water, or relief from the scorching temperatures.

We cannot stand idly by while our homeless neighbors suffer, risking their lives during these perilous conditions.

Your generous donation will directly impact the lives of those who are most affected by the sweltering heat. Here’s how your contribution will make a difference.

1. Cooling Locations and Shelter – Those experiencing homelessness can seek refuge during the hottest hours of the day at our HELP Center and Navigation Center where they can take a cold shower and enjoy air-conditioning. Each of the 2000+ residents in our shelters enjoy facilities equipped with air conditioning and cold water, providing a safe haven from extreme temperatures.

2. Hydration – Our outreach teams, in the San Fernando and Antelope Valley’s take with them coolers of cold water to quench the thirst of our homeless neighbors and prevent dehydration-related health issues.

3. Protective Gear – Your contribution will help us distribute hats, sunscreen, and lightweight clothing to protect the homeless from sunburn and heat-related illnesses. These simple items can make a significant difference in their well-being.

4. Education and Support – Our dedicated team of outreach workers weather the elements themselves, educating homeless individuals about the risks of extreme heat and informing them about the available resources to stay safe and healthy.

Sadly, 50% of all heat related deaths in Los Angeles County are from people experiencing homelessness.

Please make your most generous contribution today!