The two brand-new family shelters we recently opened are now at capacity! Between the Alvarado and the Woodlands family shelters, we have 140 families (nearly 300 children) no longer living on the streets of Los Angeles.

Providing safe shelter for homeless children in Los Angeles is an essential step in addressing the vulnerabilities and risks they face. It’s about ensuring their safety, nurturing their well-being, and giving them a chance to thrive despite their difficult circumstances. Safe shelter is not just a roof over their heads it’s a foundation for hope, growth, and a better future.

If you believe in the life-saving work and essential services we provide to homeless families each day, then I would ask you to please support our efforts. We cannot provide these ongoing daily services to all 140 families (nearly 300 children) without your help!

A gift of $20.00 will support one family for one night. A gift of $100.00 will support a family for 5 nights. If you choose to support one family for an entire month, the cost would be $600.00!