Mental Health Matters

Help those struggling with their mental health.


As an organization that works every day to solve the homelessness crisis, mental health takes on a deeply significant importance. Hope the Mission believes in a methodology of full scope services when bringing adults and kids into stable living environments coming off of the street.  Mental health services is one of the most important and game changing elements in the Hope model.

We feel that our approach of addressing the underlying root causes of homelessness is the best for developing a long-term solution.

Deciding to address the mental health challenges, that nearly 60% of our residents struggle with, was a critical and strategic decision. We knew it would be costly, but we also knew it was essential if we were going to deal with the root of the problem, not just the fruit of the problem.


As a trusted partner in our essential work, we need your support to help men and women struggling with mental health issues. Thanks to private and public funding, we are able to offer therapeutic counseling sessions to struggling residents for approximately $25.00 per session. This is where I need your support. I need our donors to help fund the daily therapy taking place in our shelters.

Will you help us?

When you make a donation towards our Mental Health Program you are helping more people like Miguel get on the road to recovery and healing. Listen to Miguel’s story and hear for yourself how transformative mental health can be when properly provided.